Quick-Thoughts: First Reformed ★★★★

First Reformed marks Paul Schrader’s return to filmmaking mastery. It’s a haunting, politically significant piece that expresses a mortifying look into the psychological loss of sanity. A24 has released another original gem that challenges the modern industry. (Verdict: A-) This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

Quick-Thoughts: Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

So the Force Awakens was solid, Rogue One was decent, and the Last Jedi was mediocre. Where does Solo rank among these recent entries in the Star Wars saga? Well let’s just say, it continues the progressive downhill of Lucasfilms’ attempts to revive the Star Wars magic. It kills me to say Solo: A Star […]

Quick-Thoughts: Deadpool 2 ★★★½

1st Viewing: Deadpool 2 was tremendously hilarious. All though its narrative is occasionally clunky and its attempts to be emotionally compelling feel sometimes unbalanced, this was nonetheless, a solid follow up. Also, the car chase sequence was comedic perfection! (Verdict: B) 2nd Viewing: The first one is my religion, but Deadpool 2 isn’t nearly. It’s still engaging and […]