Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) Is Hilarious

If you’re wondering which version of the movie I watched, I did see the Theatrical Release. I have heard that the Director’s Cut is miles better than the Theatrical, but the only way I’m going to watch that version is if someone legitimately goes out of their way to buy me a copy.  This is […]

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) Follows the Stupidity of It’s Predecessor

Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michaels was a jarring experience, for the most part. The editing in this film seriously was giving me an aneurysm, and that’s about the scariest part that happened during the runtime I was watching this movie. The great majority of the film is suffussed with uninspiring cheeseball moments and slapstick […]

Quick-Thoughts: Sicario: Day of the Soldado ★★★½

Sicario: Day of the Saldado like its predecessor, captures a uniquely directed war perspective that feels triumphantly grounded in reality. Even though Villenueve and Deakins weren’t apart of the project, Taylor Sheridan and newcomer Stefano Sollima keep this film at a flow. It is however, a bit of a drag in the first and second […]

Quickie: Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario (2015) ★★★★½

Decided to rewatch Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario in preparation for Sicario 2. I still consider Sicario to be one of the best movies ever made in terms of “technicality.” Nearly all the editing and visual aspects inserted in this film are perfectly crafted in my opinion. It has a nice, slow, steady pace that Villeneuve has […]

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) Is Not A Sequel, It’s A Remake

It’s quite humorous when you think about it. Halloween III: Season of the Witch tried to be completely different from the original Halloween which resulted in pissed off fans, and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers tried to be nearly the same as the original Halloween but still resulted in pissed off fans like myself. […]

Quick-Thoughts: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? ★★★★½

Won’t You Be My Neighbor is an emotional rollercoaster that tells the story about one of the most loving figures ever to live, Fred Rogers. This is a documentary that everybody should undoubtly see especially in these modern times. It’s simply the very definition of “inspiring.” (Verdict: A)  This Movie is a Part of My […]

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982): The Oddest Horror Sequel Ever

The nicest comment I can make about Halloween III: Season of the Witch, is that it felt like an hour and a half-long, R-rated Goosebumps episode. It’s certainly an oddball movie, with a huge case of having multiple WTF moments. I respect it for being “different” from the previous Halloween movies, but to me, it […]

Halloween II (1981) Is A Great Sequel

I can’t lie, Halloween II vastly exceeded my expectations. It’s a rare horror sequel that actually respectively works. Yah, occasionally it gets cheesy and predictable, but coming off of John Carpenter’s classic, I thought it did far and beyond well. Also, the “Hot Tub” and the “Blind Myers” sequences were exhilaratingly as hell. (My Shocking […]

Quick-Thoughts: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ★★½

My feelings towards Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom are essentially the same as mine on the previous Jurassic World. They’re both senselessly enjoyable, and you can have fun watching them. However, they bring nothing authentic or refreshing to the franchise and are ultimately just typical, mediocre summer blockbusters. The Jurassic Park series deserves miles better than […]

Revisiting John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)

So I’m going to be marathoning the Halloween movies leading up to David Gordon Green’s new incarnation coming out later this year. John Carpenter’s original classic Halloween, still erupts with fright and terror even after all these years. Directed with mastery and suspenseful as hell, Halloween’s story of supernatural character Michael Myers’s reign of bloodshed […]