Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) Follows the Stupidity of It’s Predecessor

Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michaels was a jarring experience, for the most part. The editing in this film seriously was giving me an aneurysm, and that’s about the scariest part that happened during the runtime I was watching this movie. The great majority of the film is suffussed with uninspiring cheeseball moments and slapstick (yes, I said slapstick; the film attempts to add comedy into the mix) that is barely endurable. I will however admit that the last 20 minutes of this film were near fantastic. They nearly made up for the abundance of idiocy that was witnessed before, and also contained frightening, sinister moments that reminded me of what made the original so damn spectacular. With that being said, I still conclusively think this movie dropped the bomb. Even Michael Myer’s didn’t want to properly put on his mask for this one as shown in the actual film. (Tuck in the damn mask for heaven’s sake!) We haven’t quite hit “awful” yet in this franchise, but we’ve just encountered hitting “bad.” (Verdict: C-) 

The only time the choppy, fast editing worked was during the opening credits. Not going to lie, that gave me the spooks. 

And shoutout to my dude Mikey! He was one of the first teenaged boys to use protection during sex in a horror movie. This is truly groundbreaking guys. 

Sorry I’ve got more. Can we all just take a moment to realize how unfortunate Jamie’s life has been in this franchise? I mean for a nine-year-old girl, she’s endured a lot of insanity and death, and still goes on avoiding being slaughtered by Michael Myers. Now that’s true horror movie team playing. However, Jamie still officially wins the game for worst life ever in a horror franchise. The End.

This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Halloween Films From Best To Worst 

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