Halloween (2007) Is An “Ehh” Remake

Review of the Unrated Director’s Cut 

I respect Rob Zombie for approaching this Halloween remake with a more divergent and comprehensive design instead of using means of replication (for at least the first hour of this retelling). However, these new explorations pan out as eminently unnecessary and rather cataclysmic to the story of Michael Myers. Humanzing the character of Michael felt off-brand and almost betraying of the monstrous character that made him so devastatingly horrifying. It’s strange though, because even though I didn’t favor the changes Zombie was making to the story, I certainly wished he would continue to present more inventive themes that hadn’t yet been explored in the Halloween lore as the film went along. It’s unfortunate that the second half of the movie becomes a near copy of the original Halloween. If there’s one fact for certain, it’s that if you’re going to remake a film, don’t try to mimic it. Make it something different and fresh that could possibly further improve the lore. For the most part, I didn’t enjoy any of the new portrayals of past characters (with the exception of Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis) which is mainly because of the script that the actors/actresses were given. Conversations between many of the characters seemed vastly exaggerated and quixotic creating a sense of unbelievability that was quite bothersome. I didn’t favor any of Zombie’s directing techniques; nothing surely could compare to Carpenter’s directorial style. As I was basking in the movie I just kept asking myself, “Why did this need to be made?” Well, the answer is simple: “It didn’t.” (Verdict: C-)

Who would’ve thought that Young Jenny from Forrest Gump, Alex from Clockwork Orange, and Chucky from Child’s Play would be in the same exact movie. Specifically a Halloween movie. 

Also, it’s so relieving we got our long awaited answer to how Michael Myers’s got his iconic mask! *SPOILERS* It was originally the Halloween mask Michel Myers’s Sister’s Boyfriend used to spice up the sex between him and Judith Myers…


This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Halloween Films From Best To Worst 

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