Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Hits Rock-Bottom in the Michael Myers Franchise

Rick Rothenthal directed this??? Director of Halloween II??? One of my favorite horror sequels of all-time??? Oh boy, what in the hell happened… 

If a movie could be a literal, physical Middle Finger, Halloween: Resurrection would be it. Nearly every aspect of the film is an insult not only to fans of the franchise, but also anyone who respects cinematic quality. It tries to recreate the success of movies like Scream and Scary Movie, by adding a comedic twist to the horror genre, but in doing so, burns the whole Halloween lore in a blazing wildfire. If there’s one word that perfectly sums up how I would describe Halloween VIII, it would be “obnoxious.” (Verdict: F) 

New Rule: If a movie has “Resurrection” in the title (like this and Alien 4), MAKE A RUN FOR IT! 

Also *SPOILERS* Busta Rhymes electricutes Michael Myer’s in the nuts to death. Just let that sink in…

This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Halloween Films From Best To Worst 

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