Halloween II (2009) Is…Underrated?

I think I prefer Rob Zombie’s Halloween II more than his first attempt poking at Michael Myers’s story. There’s definitely a more artsy approach to the way Zombie presents the story which I somewhat appreciated. The most compelling and thought-provoking theme presented in the film that carried it graciously was the trauma in which the main characters were situated in due to the events of the previous film. This is something that hasn’t been deeply explored and certainly not as tramautically exposed as other Halloween entries have tackled. What really set me off from really liking the film however, was the pacing and the carnage. This film feels way too long, and injects so many unnecessary portions, my intrigue was slowly declining as the film went along. Also, the “gore-porn” aspect of the movie was so over-reliant, that it took away from the more serious aspects the film was trying to flourish. I’m glad that Zombie’s interpretation of Laurie Strode has increasingly improved in terms of the actress’s portrayal and the character’s “storyline purpose,” despite us having to be constantly bugged by her abnoxious whining which is shown about 90% of the time she’s on screen. Even though the movie’s attempts to be deep feel a little too pushy and far-fetched, I much rather prefered the craziness of this wacko entry than a typical remake/replication that many of the Halloween sequels tend to eradicate. (Verdict: B-) 

One thing is for sure though (despite me feeling a little more positive than negative on the whole experience), I absolutely hated how Michael Myers makes loud noises in this movie. Additionally, he also kills a couple of people without his mask on. Again, stop humanizing his character. It looses the creepiness of his persona. Even if *SPOILERS* Michael Myers was never really there in the first place and was just a delusion? 

This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Halloween Films From Best To Worst

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