Suspiria (1977): The Mother of Giallo Movies

The crew behind the lighting and color pallet for Suspiria deserve an Oscar (x1000)!!! I felt like I was in some sort of twisted heaven witnessing this movie!!! 

In anticipation for Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria, I decided to watch the 1977 original for the first time. Suspiria is slasher horror done right, because it’s always molded around in mystery that entices you with a well-constructed lore rather than just faulting you in some typical, random, psycho-killer story. Of course, I can’t go without mentioning the scenery and overall build of the film’s setting/set pieces. It’s all just the damn near definition of “perfection.” Not only is this probably the most visually magnificent horror movie ever made but it also might just be the best scored horror film of all-time (I’d have to think about it). The score alone is an absolute masterpiece that makes most movie soundtracks look like amateur-work. I have but one major flaw with the movie which is the fact that there’s a near 5-minute scene dedicated to a truck-load of exposition that feels heavily forced. Other than that, Supiria certainly lived up to the hype, and as a well-rounded horror fan, I can recommend this movie to just about any respectable horror junkie, any film-lover who is into artsy pictures, and undoubtly to any neo-art finatic. (Verdict: A) 

Is it just me or is young Jessica Harper pure perfection? I have a feeling it isn’t just me!

This movie is a part of my list: The 24 Best Horror Movies Ever

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