Mission Impossible: Fallout is the Action Genre at its Peak

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a two-and-a-half-hour action heavy eruption that definitively feels like its only an hour long, thanks to its non-stop pace, and intensified joy-ride formula. The spy espionage twist and turns act out as remarkably clever plot pieces—that were certainly crowd-pleasing—and seemingly outdue the previous films’ cunning endeavors. Just the commitment and passion that the filmmakers, crew, and cast have devoted into this entry especially when it comes to the action concepts and sequences—which are rightly accomplished stylishly—are to be praised alone. It’s the best Mission Impossible movie yet, and if there’s even more to come (remember we’re already six films in!) then I’m 100% on board. (Verdict: A-)

And Tom Cruise, never stop doing you. Seriously. Just don’t get yourself killed. We all get quite worried when you’re out there doing these insanely psychotic stunts. 😁

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