Predator (1987): The Ultimate B-Rated Action Flick

Time to review every Predator movie leading up to Shane Black’s: The Predator. So…um…get to the chopper? I apologize, I legitimately have no clue how to introduce this series of reviews. Let’s just get into this before I ramble about nonsense for too long.  Predator is B-Rated, action nonsense at its unadulterated finest. It’s just […]

Revisiting One of My Favorite Movies of All-Time: Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for A Dream (2000)

Here’s my review of the scariest movie ever conceived, and it’s one that’s not even categorized as “horror.”  Requiem for a Dream is the most psychologically brain-damaging drama of all-time. The finale of this film is like watching your soul get squeezed, as your heart slowly shatters, and once it’s all finally stopped, you’re left […]

RANT REVIEW: The Happytime Murders

My eyes are bleeding… It’s funny, I was actually psyched to see this one. Not necessarily because I thought it was going to be a quote on quote “good” movie, or I thought it would be an enthralling muppets entry, but because I thought the film’s premise would offer a really, f****** amazing time at […]

Quickie: The Wrestler (2008)

The Wrestler is another, powerful, deep-rooted, Darren Aronofsky confection that I—like I tend to do with his films—ate up like a mad dog. It’s drama taken to new levels of intensity and will most presumably, tug at just about anybody’s heartstrings. It’s one of Aronofsky’s most tame films, but despite that, one of his most […]

Quick-Thoughts: Watching Avengers: Infinity War for a Third Time

This might just be my all-time favorite MCU flick due to this gracious rewatch. Thanos is officially more than welcome to kill half of my entire species any-day now. 💜💜💜 Verdict Change: (A —> A-)  This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe From Best To Worst This Movie is […]

BlacKkKlansman Marks Spike Lee’s Return to Mastery

“With the right hwite man, we can do anything.” I can’t stop pronouncing “white” as “hwite” ever since I heard John David say that in the trailer. God bless this movie.  What blows me away the most about BlacKkKlansman was its ability to profitably blend such a serious and calamitous subject with an appropriate amount […]

Crazy Rich Asians is a Culturally Significant, Decent Rom-Com

Crazy Rich Asians is a Rom-Com-Drama that features the greatest ensemble of Asian cast members ever gathered within an American film (period) and is consistently fulfilling due to its absorbing and culturally flourishing storyline that had me gleeful for its majority. Nearly every cast member serves a contrasting purpose to the film’s entirety, each featuring […]

Red Sparrow: Discussing the Controversy (Trigger Warning)

Watched this one on a public plane ride today. Felt bad for just about anyone who accidentally peaked at certain scenes in this movie from behind my seat. 😂 A majority of the filmmaking formalities behind Red Sparrow can be best described as a solid effort. This features solid directing, solid performances, solid dialogue, solid tension […]

Evaluating Roman Polanski’s Thriller Masterpiece Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Being a humongous fan of Chinatown, one of my all-time favorites, I had contrived myself with massive expectations for Rosemary’s Baby—which I have been anticipating for many many months—and I’m completely appalled that this film somehow, effortlessly exceeded them. The biggest compliment I can give this movie is that the characters provided in the story […]