Eighth Grade Captures the Teenaged Middle School Experience Perfectly

HIGH ANXIETY!!! I got HIGH ANXIETY watching Eighth Grade! This was too intensely relatable to my own eighth grade experience—which shockingly was only four years ago! Bo Burnham’s artistic direction is presented with a surprisingly—considering this is his directorial debut—mature and realistic approach which will greatly be cherished among cinema-dorks like myself. The accuracy of the film’s subject matter is so viciously on point that it’s hard not to feel a special/personal connection with the film’s presented story. An unexpectedly effective addition to the film was actually the score, which has a psychologically electrical vibe to it that got under my skin at times. Also, the cast is exceptionally vibrant, especially the actress (who should get some type of award!) who plays the main character, Kayla. Some moments made me chuckle, some moments made me heartened, and some moments even made me cringe (in the most positive manner). Eighth Grade is the quintessential summary of the modern-aged teenage experience, and it’s absolutely worth every generation’s time and money. (Verdict: A) 

The fact that this movie is Rated R pisses me off. Can you believe that an accurate representation of the middle school lifestyle is barcoded with a 17+ rating? The world doesn’t make sense sometimes I guess. I still encourage every Middle/High Schooler to watch this movie. Do what you can, drag your parents to it, sneak in if you have to; F*** the system! 

Can you believe this movie was directed and written by the man behind the “Is there anything better than p****? Yah, a really good book.” vine? I guess everybody starts somewhere! 🤣🤣🤣

And one last thing! Holy s***! Thank you thank you thank you Bo Burnham for using kids who actually (at least) look like Eighth Graders in this movie! I’m so tired of high school and middle school based movies that hire adult or borderline-adult actors/actresses to play kids!

This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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