Christopher Robin is a Cute, Cute Children’s Movie

This movie is soooooo PRECIOUS! Christopher Robin is a light-hearted exploration of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Even though the film plays it quite safe—which isn’t surprising considering this is a children’s film—it’s still a fairly enjoyable and fresh rendition of the Winnie the Pooh tale. Watching these characters come together in live-action format— which is achieved fantastically with exceptional blends of CGI animation and reality—was all the more joyful than I could’ve ever imagined. Growing up is one of the toughest realities all of us are destined to face, but it’s also one of the greatest awakenings we are blessed with, and this movie explores that theme magnificently. (Verdict: C+) 

Winnie the Pooh is more delightful than he’s ever been in this movie. Wish everybody in the world could be a little more joyful like him. That’d be certainly, something (not quite nothing). 😁

Ok, bear with me. I have a theory that this movie is secretly a spinoff to Trainspotting. Christopher Robin is just an insight into what it’s like when Renton is high on heroin. Sorry if I just ruined your childhood.

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