A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) The Beginning of a Horror Icon

Welcome to the beginning of my Nightmare on Elm Street reviews! We’re starting off with Wes Craven’s original horror masterpiece: A Nightmare on Elm Street. So, one, two, here’s my review…

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of those movies that gets progressively better and better as it runs along. At first it all appears like your typical cliché horror but eventually, by the near end of it, you’ve been hit over the head with an insanely explosive, unforgettable, and frantically aggressive finale. Wes Craven’s original horror classic challenged the concept of a “slasher killer” and introduced us to one of the most notorious icons ever: Freddy Kruger. The idea of a serial killer only having the ability to kill victims within their dreams is devilishly dexterous and might I add, effective. Additionally, some of the more dramatic moments—especially in argumental sequences involving Nancy and her mother—are actually quite efficient and add to the trauma of the film’s present situation. Three, four, the score is as overdone as it is vibrantly energetic and the horror kills have never been so ingenious! This movie however, certainly isn’t without its flaws—whether it be the at times, mediocre acting or the cheap jump scares or the glaring plot-holes. It’s still none of the less, a horror flick that never, ever gets tiresome. (Five, six, here’s my Verdict: A-) 

This movie’s finale low-key inspired Home Alone. My John Hughes perspective has officially changed.

Two Words: Johnny Depp 

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