Reviewing Blindspotting by Rapping

A tight-ass, smooth moving, well-worded script, mixed with a bright yet frightening but most certainly enticing concept, sprinkled off with some fine-acted, well-rounded, deeply-driven characters makes Blindspotting an abstracted, politically-grounded, and uniquely-given film that’s exclusively up there with the big-shot, jackpot, academy-nom topknots. (Verdict: B+)

WTF did I just write? 

FYI: If you haven’t already, don’t watch the trailer for Blindspotting! I went in knowing absolutely nothing about it and later on afterwards, watched the trailer for it and it shows WAY too much of the movie.

The tag-line for this movie should be: “The Catchiest Non-Musical Movie Ever”

This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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