New Nightmare (1994): How to Reinvent Your Franchise Successfully

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare bears a refined premise that is just so damn sly and inventive! This is exactly what the Nightmare franchise needed in order to get its claws back on track! What carries this entire movie on a high-level wasn’t only just Craven’s genius idea to have the actors play themselves in a reality-based environment, but was also Heather Langenkamp, who gives by far the best performance in this entire series. The only major flaws I had with this rendition was the abundance of references to the original which got pushy at times, and the substantial amount of dream sequences which sometimes gave the film too much reliance. Despite this, New Nightmare stands to be my favorite sequel out of this entire franchise and marks one of Craven’s greatest achievements! (Verdict: B) 

This movie was basically Wes Craven’s prototype for Scream. It, at times, feels more like a Scream movie than a Nightmare movie, and I’m not complaining! 

This movie also low-key inspired the premise for Stranger Than Fiction and the tunnel from Coraline.

Personally, I think Demonic Freddy Krueger is significantly scarier than Regular Freddy Krueger. That being said, I think I prefer Robert Englund’s original take on Krueger because there was a little more charm and charisma to the character. I still respect Craven for bringing forth this new, darker, demon version of Freddy Krueger, however.

Three Words: Wes Craven ASMR

Well, that concludes my series of Nightmare reviews! No, I will not be reviewing Jason VS Freddy—cause I don’t technically count it as an entry in this series—and no I will not be reviewing the 2010 remake—because I’m quite unnerved to see it. I’m just quite happy that this franchise ended off so solidly with New Nightmare! Thanks so much Wes! You’re still an absolute horror legend! 

This movie is a part of my list: Ranking The Nightmare On Elm Street Films From Best To Worst

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