Evaluating Roman Polanski’s Thriller Masterpiece Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Being a humongous fan of Chinatown, one of my all-time favorites, I had contrived myself with massive expectations for Rosemary’s Baby—which I have been anticipating for many many months—and I’m completely appalled that this film somehow, effortlessly exceeded them. The biggest compliment I can give this movie is that the characters provided in the story don’t feel like actors/actresses portraying a part, they feel like real people attending their everyday lives. I felt like I was baselessly peeping into the lives of real people experiencing real traumatic events, and that’s saying a lot since some seriously berserk s*** goes down in this film. Rosemary’s Baby is doubtlessly one of the most persuasive, and unsettling dramatic thrillers I have ever gutted. It’s parallels to difficult and more burdensome themes that other films wouldn’t dare explore, are boldly risky yet decidedly respectable. Rosemary’s Baby is the upholding standard (or literal definition/pinnacle) of flawless “psychological horror.” Despite my considerably negative feelings towards Polański as a person, as a filmmaker, I can give him top-credit for his masterful direction and perfect writing that can simply not be compared with against any other household name during the era in which Rosemary’s Baby was released (AKA, the 60s). (Verdict: A+) 

There’s a “dream sequence” in this movie (no spoilers of course) that had me squirming with pure terror. I have never, ever been so profoundly disturbed by a dream sequence. And just the overall technicality and scenery/direction of this sequence is masterful in its own right, and makes for one of the scariest acts ever put to film.

Oh yah, if you use Rotten Tomatoes, do not, I repeat, do not read the Critics Consensus for Rosemary’s Baby. One reason I hate the website is because a bunch of assholes on there seem to love to give unwarranted spoilers for various films, even sometimes from the website’s own official consensus!!! So, so glad I went into this one blind without reading any reviews or synopsis for it. 

This movie is placed on my list: My Top 44 Favorite Movies Of All-Time 

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