BlacKkKlansman Marks Spike Lee’s Return to Mastery

“With the right hwite man, we can do anything.”

I can’t stop pronouncing “white” as “hwite” ever since I heard John David say that in the trailer. God bless this movie. 

What blows me away the most about BlacKkKlansman was its ability to profitably blend such a serious and calamitous subject with an appropriate amount of comedy. Only a long-in-the-business, cinematic master like Spike Lee could pull off such a trick, and he does it without complication. It’s also refreshing to see that Spike Lee avoids stereotypes even when depicting some of the more unpleasant and nefarious characters/groups, allowing the film to feel less biased and more grounded in reality with various angles interweaving. BlacKkKlansman contains one of the most hard-hitting, politically dynamic screenplays (right next to Blindspotting) of the year that had me infatuated with revelation. It certainly is one of Spike Lee’s best joints in years, maybe even decades. (Verdict: B+)

John David Washington might just live up to his father’s name. We’ll just have to wait and see.

That nearly ten-minute speech from Corey Hawkins’s character at the beginning of this movie is going to be played on repeat when I’m in some need of inspiration. Just, wowzers!  

Also, the ending sequence featuring a real-life, footage montage seriously got me quite emotional. It disgusts me to know that there are people out there with so much hatred against others for no good reason (which can be seen in many other situations), many in which would even commit majorly violent crimes due to their selfish beliefs. We shouldn’t be managing with their bullshit no longer, it’s inhuman. 

This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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