Revisiting One of My Favorite Movies of All-Time: Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for A Dream (2000)

Here’s my review of the scariest movie ever conceived, and it’s one that’s not even categorized as “horror.” 

Requiem for a Dream is the most psychologically brain-damaging drama of all-time. The finale of this film is like watching your soul get squeezed, as your heart slowly shatters, and once it’s all finally stopped, you’re left only with a gutless and empty feeling inside. Now this is why Aronofsky wins. Say whatever you want about the guy glorifying everything in his films, but at least he does it with a passion that can not be matched by any other director. He will get his message out no matter the odds—in this case, the odds being his choice to insert some of the most stressful sequences ever put to film. The first time I saw this film was somewhere around my mid-High-School experience, and it’s frightened me away from ever even remotely thinking about doing hardcore drugs, ever since. FYI, to teachers who are trying to teach kids not to do drugs, don’t show your lame-ass, cheesy, cheaply made, 90s-released, “Drugs Aren’t Cool!” documentary videos, just show them Requiem for a Dream, and I guarantee every single human being who sees it will be scared s***less of doing drugs for a solid and long amount of time. The fact that this movie didn’t even get nominated at the Academy Awards for best editing is an absolute sin, cause the editing in this is some of the most effectively creative but also stressfully poignant, quick-cut mastery ever achieved. And when you add the impeccably dreamy cinematography and EPIC original score by Clint Mansell with the editing, voilà, you have yourself a technical masterpiece. It’s no surprise that Ellen Burstyn got nominated for an Oscar for this movie, she brings home a marvelous performance, and so does Leto, Connelly, and quite surprisingly Wayans. Whenever someone asks me—and this is rhetorical, nobody really has asked me this—”What’s the most f***** up, repulsive, nerve-racking, and unorthodox movie you’ve ever seen?” Typically I answer with Requiem for a Dream (or mother!, but that’s for a whole other review/discussion). But trust me, when I say this, I mean that as the upmost apical, and positive compliment. If there was such thing as an A double or even triple plus, I’d reward this movie with it, but since that doesn’t exist, I guess we’re going to have to rate this the proper way: (Verdict: A+) 

Jennifer Connelly might be the most beautiful woman in the world, but weirdly enough, so might Jared Leto.

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