Quickie: Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy

Enemy is Denis Villeneuve’s Under the Skin. It’s his most unorthodox, “restrained from the mainstream” piece. Even though, Enemy isn’t one of my favorites of his, it’s the one I respect the most out of his entire filmography. Here he has crafted a tale that incorporates rarely any exposition, which only lingers on the audience’s […]

Rebel Without A Cause (1955): The Birth of a Genre

Review of Rebel Without a Cause Presented By Fathom Events I mean, what more can I say about James Dean that hasn’t been said before? The man evidently shaped acting forever. How he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his illustrious role as Jim Stark, the world may never know. This is a performance of a […]

Quickie: This is Spinal Tap (1984)

It’s humorous when you recognize that in between the 34 years that had occurred after This Is Spinal Taps’s release, nobody would’ve been able to predict that a good 90% of today’s music would make Spinal Taps’ fictional discography look like Led Zeppelin’s authentic discography. I’m rooting for a This Is Spinal Tap spinoff where […]

Touch of Evil (1958): Taking You Through My First Orson Welle’s Experience

So this is my first Orson Welles experience, and one thing I can say for sure is that this man was miles ahead of his time. He was taking momentuous filmmaking steps decades forward into the art of film. Arguably this guy innovated and popularized film noir, and Touch of Evil is only one of […]

Quickie: Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges (2008)

Can we all as a whole, come to a consensus that Martin McDonagh is a screenwriting genius.  I confess, In Bruges is actually my least favorite of McDonagh’s filmography (so far)—my favorite being, not-so-popularly, Seven Psychopaths—but that’s not to say that this diabolical thriller didn’t showcase his distinct talent beyond words. In Bruges is an offensive, […]

A Simple Favor isn’t as “Simple” as the Title May Suggest

The biggest compliment I can give A Simple Favor is that it ALWAYS had me guessing. The movie is fundamentally if Gone Girl was a comedy. Or…if Gillian Flynn all of the sudden, decided to make her writing more jubilant one day.  It’s funny, cause only a couple weeks ago, Searching came out, which turned […]

Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (1994): A Prime Example of an Extravagant Biopic

Ed Wood is Tim Burton’s second best film in my mind. For me, Edward Scissorhands would still take the cake for first place—you just can’t beat mystical and magical— but despite that being the case, Ed Wood I’d arguably say, is Burton’s most masterfully directed and written film yet.  This is the original Disaster Artist, […]

Shane Black’s The Predator is a Disorganized Cluster of a Reboot

This viewing has reassured my decision last night to go see Mandy instead of The Predator. Should’ve bought Mandy on Prime and rewatched it in the comforts of my humble abode tonight. Should’ve done that. By the way, buy Mandy on Prime if you haven’t already! Gracias!  I’ve got plenty to spill, so I’m going […]