Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (2012): Why It’s the Best Film So Far of the 2010s

“A Perfect Movie” 

The Master is a perfect movie. It’s tough for me to explain just about every scant detail that incarcerated me in this masterpiece, but I’ll list the basics for you’ll:

• Joaquin Phoenix gives one of the most engaging, cogent performances of all-time.
• Oh, and so does Philip Seymour Hoffman, who’s a “master” in his own rights.
• Also, Joaquin Phoenix’s character is filled with some of the finest and most thought-provoking archs ever conveyed on a screen.
• The main morals, messages, and motifs surrounding the film, aren’t typically explored in movies due to its sensitive topics, but PTA is an outright beast and just doesn’t give a damn, so props to him.
• The additional, varying morals, messages, and motifs also bring up heavy discussion and are fascinatingly unconventional.
• Every sequence plays a part. PTA isn’t just blindly putting exposition into each scene. Each little moment creates a broader purpose than one may initially think.
• The dialogue is infinitely on point. Every word, phrase, monologue spoken feels grounded and furthermore, adds cycles around each characters’ precise personality trait. Truly, one of PTA’s most legendary scripts.
• The quote on quote “Scientology” or “The Cause” philosophical practices brought up and expressed in the film are semi-trippy and peculiary alluring.
• Joaquin Phoniex beats the crap out of people…a lot of people. It’s strangely menacing yet, abnormally comedic, all at once. He commits goddammit!
• Best focusing (camera-wise) ever. Seriously, makes every other movie in the world look like amateur-hour.
• Speaking of focusing, the technicalities behind the cinematography in this movie make for one of the most gorgeously scened pictorial pieces.
• Contains one of the greatest movie sequences I’ve ever witnessed in my entire lifetime—that being the “Processing” scene. I’ve never been so impressed by a singular portion of duo-acting.
• And Joaquin Phoenix, again, can’t praise him enough. He’s perhaps, the brightest actor working today.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s take on religious influence I find to be severely relevant to nearly every generational society that has existed—I know that’s controversial to say but respectably every individual gets an opinion and that’s simply, just mine. Even so, those who may be offended by these aspects of the film can look towards it as a take on hyptontic control/affliction—which I find to be even more palpable. Mix together splendid technicalities with an uncommon, and risky-based subject matter and you have yourselves Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. I guarantee in the next, upcoming decades this will be considered a classic. (Verdict: A+) 

Also the IMDb page for The Master is a disgrace (GO LETTERBOXD). I swear, if I have to read another peaceless review that just says “It’s boring” I will tear. I sincerely can’t understand why anybody would find this to be “boring.” This is one of the most interesting/refreshing character(s) studies ever conceived. It’s only boring if you make it boring in my humble opinion. 

This movie is placed on my list: My Top 44 Favorite Movies Of All-Time

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