Spike Jonze’s Her (2013) is a Dentrimental Look Into the Mortal Abstraction of “Love”

If you’re single and watch Her, you begin to feel lonely, yet secure. If you’re currently with someone and watch Her, you begin to feel grateful, yet afraid. 

My personal parallel. 

Many may say that Her is the most accurate depiction of probable romantic relationships within the future, but I almost took this as a hidden depiction of even today’s statements of love and what it is. The fanatics behind love, the expectations of love, the meaning behind love, the everlastingness of love, and the purpose of love. Joaquin Phoenix transcends into a completely different persona—as always—and plays a character that I think almost every human being can relate to at one point in their lives. This is a charmingly arranged romantic drama that encompasses realistically authentic, dystopian features, and it nearly brought me to a morbidly placid state of dysphoria. (Verdict: A) 

A Letter:
     “I am scared of the future, but also, excited, for you.”
                                            – Dearest Evan 2018 

P.S. I’ve never written something so dramatic and uptight in my entire life. Ugh. 

Two Words: Chris Pratt

This movie is placed on my list: The Victors of the 2010s

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