Predators (2010) is a Creative, New Direction for the Franchise

Once again, not bad at all. I dug the sheer hell out of the concept for Predators. (Minor Spoilers) The Predators kidnap a group of humans each encompassing a distinct survival trait in order to use them as arena bate for their little manslaughter games. Now that’s just downright imposing. 

The Predators have never looked so astonishing and pragmatic; it’s genuinely awe-inspiring especially for the many sci-fi geeks and geekets out there. The set-pieces and costume designs are exceedingly profound and I grant the engineers my full, attentive praise.

That being said, I really wish that the direction and dialogue was substantially better. The director decides to whirl with a more modern and jarring approach to filming his action sequences, which, quite frankly, took me out of the movie from time to time. Sometimes the cinematography is relatively beautiful, but unfortunately, the color graining is rather dry and oversaturated (like a Transformers movie). 

There are some really shortsighted/ ludicrous events that occurred in the finale that—just by a string of hair—nearly ruined the entire movie affair for me. Gracefully, these rubbish story decisions (writers…) didn’t wear off the film’s engaging pace.

Let’s just say the concept saved this movie. If we didn’t have this factor, we’d virtually be left with a Predator remake that just has more predators in it. It’s a damn shame that this movie could’ve been miles better considering the potential premise it had, but that being said, I still found merit within it during my viewing. It’s nothing extraordinary nor revolutionary, but I still was rewarded with that homicidal, savage, blood-shedding nuttiness I crave out of these coarse, boorish Predator movies. So…wooh-hoo? (Verdict: C+)

*SPOILERS* The scene where Laurence Fishburne gets blown to smithereens, revealing the Predator with its laser beaming, is the sickest shot I’ve seen yet in this franchise. It knocked me dead. Definitely deserving of a physical, out-loud phrasing of the word: “Woah.” 

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