Yah, I skipped The Predator for this one. I even had the tickets for Shane Black’s new rendition bought in advanced. Nevertheless I was informed quite late that my area decided that it’d be a profitable idea to play Mandy for only ONE day and ONE time in every theater around. So obviously, I had to make the logical choice and go witness this indie-Cage-flick that I hadn’t even seen any promotional or plot details for. And you know what, I’m quite cheer about my decision. Quite cheer.

Quick Run-Down of Mandy: The cinematography is a ten. The lighting is a ten. The color grading is a ten. The score is a ten. The sound design is a ten. The editing is a ten. The costume designs are tens. The violence and gore is a ten times ten. Nicolas Cage’s performance is an absolute ten. The story is, I mean, it’s fine. It’s blue-printed with your every day hunky-dory “off for revenge” formula. However, it’s told in a very, very, very, very, very…very…distinct fashion. Very…

This is every Satanist’s wettest of wet dreams. We’ve gone far in the art of film people, we truly have. Mandy is a devilishly chaotic, murderous, psychotic, big, big £!@# in the membrane. I should be commissioned down to hell for liking the $#*% out of this. It’d be worth it though. One-Hundred Percent. 

Sidenote: There are some practical effect, horror goodies in this one! 80s Horror fans where you at???

But yeah, best looking film of 2018 by far. Cinemaogrpahy is no joke, on par with 2049. I would have every, single shot framed in my house if I could afford it. Benjamin Loeb has achieved something beyond the imagination. 

But seriously, if you love filmmaking, especially thriller/horror/indie filmmaking, you’re doing yourself the biggest disfavor by not previewing this massive detonation. Mandy is the craziest movie I’ve seen in years…wait… maybe even ever. Oh, besides The Neon Demon, and probably every other Nicholas Winding Refn film. Otherwise, maybe even ever. (Verdict: A-)

*SEMI-SPOILERS* Mandy contains one of the most devastating death scenes ever. I may or may have not looked away at some of the sequence due to how emotionally draining it was. 😢😢😢

*ACTUAL SPOILERS* Crossbows, DUY Axes, and Chainsaws. ⚒⚒⚒


This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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