Quickie: This is Spinal Tap (1984)

It’s humorous when you recognize that in between the 34 years that had occurred after This Is Spinal Taps’s release, nobody would’ve been able to predict that a good chunk of today’s music would make Spinal Taps’ fictional discography look like Led Zeppelin’s authentic discography. I’m rooting for a This Is Spinal Tap spinoff where we look into the lives of some of the Pop/Rap/EDM/Rock Alternative artists today. It doesn’t even have to be a mockumentary, it literally could transpire in reality and it’d probably end up just as laugh-out-loud as This Is Spinal Tap. The amount of intellect between the band members of Spinal Tap and—I’ll use this word again—many fore-fronting artists of our generation is disturbingly similar. 

Then again though, this is basically riffing off older overrated artists like AC/DC too.

Almost forgot. Verdict is a B+ 


Two Words: Chuck McGill

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