Quick-Thoughts: Bad Times at the El Royale

Drew Goddard’s Bad Times at the El Royale is a puzzling maze of intuitive, mind-windling schemes that estates back to the golden ages of the “Agatha Christie” strain of mystery enigmas. It’s a film that delicately takes its time to explore the fundaments of the legion of piling scenarios which conclusively—for the most part—always acquired […]

Quickie: Raising Arizona (1987)

Raising Arizona is the quintessential “Goofy” movie. It’s dorky and absurdly ridiculous, but it’s gallons of whimsical fun. Might I add, dryly funny too. Designating Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as leads is just a charitable plus. (Verdict: B-)  This Movie Is A Part Of My List: Ranking Joel And Ethan Coen’s Films From Best […]

Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria Remake is an Evocative Nightmare (Thankfully)

ITS ABOUT F#%$!@& TIME 2018!!! DAMN F#%$!@& TIME!!!  In a year full of disastrously diseheartenting movies, and only a handful of truly marvelous feature flicks, you can infer that I had forfeited my hopes of receiving anymore apical cinematic entries for the rest of the following two months we have left till this year’s official […]

David Gordon Green’s Halloween is a Fitting Yet, Disappointing Remake

David Gordon Green’s Halloween is good. Disappointing, yes, but good. As a massive, massive fan of the Halloween franchise I was able to find tons of vindication and contentment from the rounded experience. That being said, for a sequel that came after the time-span spectrum of sixteen years from its previous entry, I did expect […]

Netflix Ups Their Game With The Night Comes for Us

The cameraman must’ve watched Leigh Whannell’s Upgrade this year.  Yes, yes, I’ll answer the question you’ll have on your minds. And the answer is an affirmative, courteous AMEN cause the action in The Night Comes for Us is f****** miraculous. This is A+, 10/10, The Raid level of action prowess. It’s untoward however, that such an […]

Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite is a Devilishly Enchanting Satire

SDiFF 2018 The Favourite was not what I expected. This isn’t classic Yorgos Lanthimos, this is a whole new, more whimsical Yorgos Lanthimos, approached parallel to his usual sinister, vexing, and twisted spirit. In full hindsight, this more comedic and less calamitous manner ended with me completely and whole-heartedly digging it. And when I say, […]

Widows Showcases Steve McQueen’s Eccentric Directing Once More

SDiFF 2018 Not only do I A-D-O-R-E Gillian Flynn’s—she has honestly been one of the most influential characters in my life in terms of provoking my interest in seeking a writing career—calligraphy, but I’ve also heard marvelous word about Steve McQueen as a director, so you could assume I was pretty stoked to attend an […]

Quick-Thoughts: First Man

First Man is about as beneath the surface of a character study of legend and family-man, Neil Armstrong, as we’re ever going to land. Thanks a million to Damien for presenting the film at a steady, gradual, and passive pace that resonates an honest, down-to-earth sense of authenticity. Chazelle’s craftsmanship in building tension is a […]

Quickie: The Cabin in the Woods (2011):

Give me one good reason not to give Drew Goddard’s black-comedy horror flick Cabin in the Woods five stars. Yeah, that’s what I thought. The first time you watch it, it’s a profound and unforgettable trip of twists and turns like no other. On repeat viewings, it gets even crazier when you start noticing all […]