It’s Hard to Hate Bradley Cooper’s Remarkable Debut A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star is Born, is, well, a beyond impressive directorial debut. This is another one of those amiable films, that has that charisma, that emits rare, unworldly sensations of comfort, welfare, and empathy. Heart and soul, it’s solely touching. 

By far, the most memorable aspect of this film that heaps of cinephilias will be commending for years and years from now,is the on-screen junction between Bradley Cooper and Stefani Germanotta’s—AKA Lady Gaga’s—characters. It’s unreal how real their love felt as unreal as that may realistically suggest. Cooper’s devotion to storytelling and character absorption is not only laudable but also, genuinely authentic. 

Hats off to you once again Cooper. You are an acting master. Getmanotta you are also an acting master, which I was shocked to find to be true, in the case that you are indeed an acting master of the mastery of acting and whatnot—I don’t look into the proper terminologies I just “say”… Oh, and Sam Elliot—no surprise; the man is a legend—killed it. The man is turbulent in his role as an old but dismayed friend. 

The dialogue is “spot-on.” This is like, Silver Linings Playbook dialogue leveled “spot-on.” We can assume that Mr.Cooper and his writing team have learned a lot of calligraphy skills from David O. Russell. I appreciated the accessible amount of F-bombs as well. Don’t judge me.

And that climax. There’s a very very particular sequence towards the finale that was perfectly edited, perfectly lit, and just wow, for sure, perfectly executed. Without question a cinematic highlight of 2018.

And yessir, the music is absolutely chic—minus the song, “Why Did You Do That?” which I assumed was initiated in order to mock our typical “Pop Music” standards of today (if it’s not, forget what I just said or don’t @ me). It’s inviting, electrifying, and notably appealing even to a rock-and-roll fanatic like myself.

This is not sponsored, but I felt as if this service is vastly relevant to one of the major, presented topics in A Star is Born, so I’ll self-sponsor it. If you’re currently dealing with substance abuse issues or disorders or you know of somebody close to you that is, I highly recommend visiting They are a profoundly sufficient drug and alcohol recovery program that is on duty 24 hours a day. You can’t start helping others until you begin learning to help yourself. 

Is A Star is Born a bit predictable at times? Yes. But despite this, being able to witness an early-screening crowd of theater members who were verbally locked-on, inflexibly engaged, warmly reactive, and sentimentally invested in this angelic story, was such a feast—especially when you know what one film can do to one’s life. It’s always pleasing to behold the reaction of numerous viewers experiencing an out-of-the-world ordeal. Cooper, you did a damn good job. You devious man, you almost made me tear and I hate you so much for it. (Verdict: B+)

Let’s just set one thing straight: Lady Gaga is not ugly. Y’all saying that she is, need to get your eyes checked. 

Looks like I’ve found my official go-to Valentine’s Day movie. 😍😍😍

This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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