Netflix Ups Their Game With The Night Comes for Us

The cameraman must’ve watched Leigh Whannell’s Upgrade this year. 

Yes, yes, I’ll answer the question you’ll have on your minds. And the answer is an affirmative, courteous AMEN cause the action in The Night Comes for Us is f****** miraculous. This is A+, 10/10, The Raid level of action prowess. It’s untoward however, that such an astonishing assemblage of top-notch combat spectacle was brewed with such an insipid and often, inattentive story. That’s still not to say though, that I didn’t thoroughly savor the heck out of a bulk of this movie’s runtime. 

It may be an irrefutable case that the storyline in The Night Comes for Us is underdeveloped, foreseeable, banal, and evidently myopic—character-wise especially. But am I looking for an occult, moving, tear-jerker of a film from director and writer Timo Tjahjanto? Helllllllllllllllllllllllll no. I’m searching for some brain-on-brain-off, let’s behold some jaw-dropping, martial-arts-based, militant, warfare battles that embarrassingly generate me to scream out-loud “oh s***” nearly every eight seconds. That adroit, transcendent, on-screen stunt choreography is what’s going to stablizie my eyes glued upon a film parallel to this. Craziness included. 

The Night Comes for Us is a senseless, mindless, gore-fested, and lionized action extravaganza. But you know what? I’m okay with that. Especially for A Netflix Original Movie standards “okay with that.” (Verdict: B) 

Let’s be real, if Iko Uwais (in real life) fought John Wick, Uwais would have Wick defeated with about ten pencils punctured into his skull. Possible villain casting for John Wick: Chapter 3???

Also, when you think about it, The Night Comes for Us is essentially just Indonesia’s You Were Ever Really Here.

FYI, the two-on-one female fight sequence, is unbiasedly the most badass battle in this entire movie. My mind…has…officially…been

Julie Estelle

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