Bohemian Rhapsody: A Musical Biopic Made For Fans of Queen’s “Music” Not Fans of the Actual Members of Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody was one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. It’d be quite strenuous to oblige to you’ll quite how crucial the band, Queen, means to me and how much they’ve inveigled myself as the person I am today. 

As a youngster, I had been raised upon the newest, hottest, artificially publicized pop and rap tracks that were continuously featured on the most vouged radio stations at the time, but in the corner of every auto-tuned, computerized feature I listened to, I would often get to occasionally tango to a Queen hit. 

Freddie Mercury and his band of bohemians are the quadruple-handed culprits who peeked my interest in soulfull, rock and roll music genres which coincidentally, have shaped me into the “Classic Rock-Head” I am presently. Not only that, but the obscurities and lunacy of their lyrics—especially from hits like Bohemian Rhapsody—drove me into studying the arts of profoundly galvanized poetry/lyricism/literature. 

Their music additionally, has helped me power through numerous of my most emotionally conflicting encounters I had brawled with during my time here on planet Earth. This iconic band has been persisting alongside my life ever since I was born, and that’s something I can’t declare about towards any other musician/musical group. 

Now Here’s My Consensus:

I am very, very tied on this film. On one hand, I thought Bohemian Rhapsody tributed the story of Freddie Mercury—for the most part—judiciously, mainly due to Rami Malek’s immersive performance. Trust me, if Malek wasn’t in this movie, Bohemian Rhapsody would’ve crumbled to ashes apace with some of the biggest catastrophes of 2018. As a depiction and honory of a musical legend, I was earnestly contented to witness the results. 

On the other hand, I found this movie to be a pretty incoherent, potboiler mess of a product. The harshest way to submit this is, well, simply put, to say that Bohemian Rhapsody is fundamentally your average company manufactured, cop-out, strand of merchandise that was only fabricated for mainstream audiences who will unknowingly be able to eat up the same old “Fast and the Furious: Family is Important” blueprint that they’ve unconsciously seen billions of times. 

However, this movie is DAMN LUCKY that they got Malek on the project and that they AT LEAST managed to make a glaringly enthralling, two-hour, sound-orgy of a music video.

The Main Core Killing This Movie: So, not gonna lie, Bohemian Rhapsody’s script is somewhat atrocious in my humble opinion. This penmanship nearly lineaments everything I don’t want in a “based-on-a true-story” feature. Whose bright idea was it to make a Marvel movie confided within a Queen movie, an arrangement which wasn’t necessarily a construct that one should really consider for a freakin’ Queen movie. Writers of the world, you don’t have to throw in a satirical one-liner every twenty seconds in order to conquer your audiences attention! 

And MY MY. Like, if you didn’t think a movie could get more “by-the-books” cliché—especially when diving in with all the “family is valuable” and “family acceptance mortalities”—than you sir or madam, were wrong. Screenwriters—I’ve been sounding so demanding recently, I apologize. I guess I’m just admittedly aggravated today—stop making your dialogue feel as if it’s sprouting out of the pages of a life coaching pamphlet! It’s amateurish, honestly. 

They just had to bend the story into little bits and pieces because they just had to insert their little chestnut morals and preaches, and their superfluous, forced humor. Why Hollywood? Why? (Probably because of production issues and what not. Oh. And Bryan Singer. Supposedly. And marketing. And money. Definitely money.) 

The editing is a Franken-F*** too. The sequence of events are muddled like crazy. You’ll needa do some final cuts on this, DARLING! And about 30% of the movie is just witnessing the band drag on from how they crafted one hit to how their next hit was created and so on so forth. 

Did I just rant? Woah, I totally did. Hmm…let’s lighten matters up, I suppose. I don’t want to give off too many negative vibes about this mediocre biopic feature. There is virtue to be found. 

But Rami Malek. This man carries this ENTIRE movie. Without him, Bohemian Rhapsody would be like an ATOM BOMB. Or…not, like an Atom Bomb. Cause the song. Okay, I’ll shut-up. 

Malek’s performance is honestly Oscar-nominee worthy. He embodies head to toe, Freddie Mercury’s EVERYTHING. Even in the sentimental, dramatic moments, he kills (sorry), DESTROYS it—despite the crappy script and dialogue he’s often given. Additionally, his chemistry and the story behind his love life was intriguing enough to keep me locked on. The positive outcome of the film originates from this portrayal and this plotpoint that majorily has to do with who Freddie was and what he had to accord with during his times of fame.

I mildly relished Bohemian Rhapsody, and I was enthralled whenever we got to relive Mercury’s tale, but…a Queen movie deserves light-years better than this. I’m possibly being a tad-bit generous offering Bohemian Rhapsody with this grade, but, I can’t deny that I enjoyed and was cheery that I got to venture this film of messy yet, dapper flair…so: (Verdict: C)

“Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t anything like the comics!” – If Queen fans were like Marvel/DC fanboys. 

Brighton Rock is underrated. 

Two Words: Mike Myers

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