Chang-dong Lee’s Burning: A Mystery Thriller Like No Other

Chang-dong Lee’s Burning is the preeminent slow-burn that, abnormally enough, doesn’t gratify you with the conclusions you would forsee it to have like most slow-burns bequest. It’s a continuous congestion of percolating anxiety that keeps you intimately padlocked. 

Having the opportunity to ordeal the point-of-view of a main character situated like Lee Jong-su, enables this allocation of an intensive urgency for answers. This furthermore, nearly spawns as much conflict and turmoil with yourself—or oneself—as it does with our main lead thanks to Burning’s monopolizing storyline. 

And only—yes, only—a climax like Burning has the moxie to erase every little fabrication you ever had devised from your burgeoning little cortex, leaving you with nothing but this insidious twinge of desolation. 

The subtle emptiness of Burning’s etching nightmare of the uncharted is what makes it emerge compared to any other mystery conundrum. IT’S A BREATHTAKING WORK OF ART. (Verdict: A-)

Burning features Steven Yeun’s best performance BTW. Chilling. 

In general though, every performance is dynamite in Burning. 

This Movie is a Part of My List: The Best Films of 2018

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