Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters is Sweet

SDAFF 2018  

Realistic performances, brass-bound comradery, and some startling, natural comedic tones makes Shoplifters a solid time at the theaters. The addition of having some of the most charismatic moments of the year sprinkled throughout, also, nearly raises it to glory. An adequately challenging ending to top off the piece, furthermore, supplemented some noticeably thought-provoking slices of commentary on the bitter truths of how the real world works. 

‘Tis a shame, however, that Shoplfiters kind of reflected off to me as the poor man’s Florida Project, personally. There was zero to nothing explored in this movie that I hadn’t already witnessed from previous filmic dramas. I may have been emotionally affixed to the characters, but there still wasn’t enough idiosyncrasy or even enough engrossment in the events/segments for me to appreciate its sum. It’s cinematic flair, while well-done, wasn’t anything noteworthy or outreaching/boundary-pushing—of course, according to my judgement. 

I know, I’m one sinister human being for not loving Shoplifters. Mwahahahahahahahaha.
😈 (Verdict: C+) 😈

Always choose your family.

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