Netflix’s Cam: An Unexpected Blumhouse Surprise

Cam is another sturdy Blumhouse feature that not only provides the necessary scares to win over its audience, but also, provides an incentive memo about the depraved society that is currently approaching us today. 

Madeline Brewer’s performance carries this entire movie. Cam is wholly banking on her ability to execute out this anxious individual. Fortuitously, she nails it right down to the bone.

Prolific editing annexations, some unusually neat camerawork—considering the tenderfoot director—and a power-move of momentous build-up featured during the film’s most vivid sequences, fundamentally, increments Cam to rich heights. It’s got one hell of a clever finale as well—which many seem to not be too pleased about (Sorry, I’m in the minority). However, the unadulterated final scene/shot is legitimentally haphazard, a tad rushed, and ultimately, groundless. Nevertheless, I can come to forgive it—well—cause everything else is pretty (?)-tastic. 

Remember, the freakiest and arguably the best part about Cam is how awakening it is. The plausibility of its scenarios being applied to the real-world we live in is uncanny. More info on that comment down below. (Verdict: B-) 

For those who have seen Cam (no spoilers anyhow), do y’all realize how insane it is when you notice that everything that happened in this movie could ACTUALLY happen in the future—and maybe even today!—considering how much technology is advancing? Yikes. Now that’s scary. 

Guess my dreams of becoming a professional CamBoy have concluded. 😢

This movie is -34 minutes away from being a solid episode of Black Mirror. 

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