Assassination Nation and Its Glorified Tactics

Assassination Nation may be 2018’s “boldest” movie, but it’s also 2018’s most rigorously exaggerated to the fictitious core of glorification—that thinks it’s SO much more sharp-witted than it actually is—movie. Yes, it ushers up its messages QUITE CLEARLY—might I add, to the point of unalloyed obviousness—but the killing ingredient that flunks Sam Levinson’s vision is […]

Quick-Thoughts: Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a discount Captain Fantastic that bestows a d-r-a-g-g-e-d out string of “morality memos”. It’s an acutely reflective perspective to witness, barricaded in a, grievously, bøRįng stage presence. Tangible performances and all, but it’s conclusively, just another, forgettable, lethargic “Old-School Rocks!!! (or Sucks???)” tale. Yiiiiiiippeee. (Verdict: C)  Thomasin McKenzie is the youthful, […]

Quick-Thoughts: Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Strangers—AKA, A Series Of Coincidental Events—is another based-on-a-true-story that has me questioning the marvels that the bonafide world beholds, but also, the depravity hidden within the individuals that roam it. It’s heart-warming to witness such a hardy gang of brothers bonding with such reputable endearment, however, additionally vexing to see the heedlessness of […]

9 Reasons Why Goldfinger (1964) Is Pretty Awesome

Quicknotes: Goldfinger • Another badass opening credits excerpt featuring the fabulous original song performed by Shirley Bassey. • The intensity—that From Russia With Love introduced—is indebtedly, still there. • The action has fiercely improved with more practical approaches to filming the warfare. The car chase sequences are absolutely meticulous and seem far beyond there time […]

If Beale Street Could Talk: A Solid Second Outing From Acclaimed Director Barry Jenkins

Two years ago, an unannounced incident had transpired upon myself and among many other clueless folks at my local, Angelika Theater, spotlighting with our windup of having little to no knowledge about what we—the sanctified—were in for. This circumstance is to be referred to as our observation of the film by first-time director, Barry Jenkins, […]

Quickie: Bad Santa (2003)

Bad Santa is the unshakable example of a movie that was better than it had any right to be. I’ve started watching it as a Christmas tradition and it’s still gut-bustingly rollicking whenever I view it. Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, and Brett Kelly carry this lampoon at a reindeer-on-steroid’s pace. F***ed up, nasty comedy […]

7 Reasons Why From Russia With Love (1963) is One of the Best James Bond Movies

Quicknotes: From Russia With Love • All aspects are straight-up an improvement from Dr. No. • 2nd best opening sequence in Bond history. It assuredly assembles the pristine, fresh, new spirit the film is pursuing to incarcerate. • One of the brightest Bond opening credits of all-time. The color pallet is unprecedented. • The serious […]

Aquaman: A Superhero Flick Placed in a Sea of Fun Nuttiness

James Wan’s Directing: YAY!  Beall and McGoldrick’s Writing: NAY!  W-T-F. I don’t believe it’s materially doable for me to scheme into words how carelessly ludicrous Aquaman is. I can’t declare if I positively cherished the campiness and nuttiness of this movie, or if I positively despised it. Warner Bros have blown their 200-million-dollar budget on […]

Ready Player One (2018): SPOILER REVIEW

It genuinely sucks that Ready Player One is about a 9.5 on the scale of visual gratification but a near 3 on the spectrum of plot. It slaughters me to know how mind-bogglingly phenomenal this movie could’ve been if it had openly mimicked Ernest Cline’s—close to—perfect flair a dose more and had additionally, indulged the […]

Quickie: Dr. No (1962)

Improbable poker games, dainty gadgets, inordinately outdated car chases, repetitive utilizations of the same shots, deadly spiders, nobly kickass dialogue, naive characters who find tanks to look like Dragons (???), easily avoidable deaths, GORGEOUSLY festooned underground layers (I mean c’mon, these evil antagonists have class!!!), a main Chinese villain who turns out not to really […]