Quickie: Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (2011)

Melancholia is about as foolproof and as truthful as we’re ever going to get of “The End Of The World” tale. Lars von Trier’s exploration of depression and the phases a family must grapple through in times of limit are explored with a crucial discharge of top-notch, psychological filmmaking that forces the audience to scrutinize their own anxiety parallel to the anxiety that is being endured by the film’s fictional characters. He has made destruction seem like sanity and made peace seem like madness all while fiercely impairing us, the viewers, but at the same time, solemnly satisfying the artist within us. 

By the end of it, I assure you dear readers, you will reinstate how grateful you are to take part of reality—thanks to the (ironically) gracious examinations of pain and suffering—and furthermore, fathom how reclusive and aimless our existence in this universe truly is. Melancholia is a paradoxical “win/lose” situation. Dammit von Trier. (Verdict: A)

Kirsten Dunst is one hell of an actress.

Visually and audibly the #1 best opening to a movie I’ve ever seen. Jaw-dropping.

This Movie Is A Part Of My List: Ranking Lars von Trier’s Films From Best To Worst

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