Yep, Unsane is Insane

Woah. Soderbergh went from Logan Lucky to this? Now that’s one hell of a transition.

Unsane is GOOD, and here’s why:

First off, Unsane was filmed on an iPhone. An iPhone. I find it slightly pathetic that this is one of the most radiant-looking movies of 2018 from a raw and tenacious sort of prospect. Visually, in essence, everything pans out celestially; In the way the camera maneuvers, the lighting is projected, and the colors are melded. It’s sincerely encouraging to those—especially students like myself—who are curious in embarking towards the film department. 

Second off, Unsane is a mortifying, yet, sentimental insight into the perspective of someone who intellectually feels sane, but is hoarded by peers as insane (a case that an abundance of individuals who are legitimately mentally ill deal with uniformly). The point-of-view Soderbergh is able to snatch is so spot-on scintillating. It doesn’t cheap-out people who have mental illness but alternatively, makes the viewers seem down to earth with them. The film also, ushers out a moral discussion in relation to how society treats people who are seemingly in need of “help”.

I would add a half star—maybe even more—to Unsane if it didn’t lose a towering amount of steam in its third act. It kind of—out of the blue—drops a key amount of authoritative potential that it had been constructing itself up to be in its first two spick-and-span acts and rather, decides to journey the old—minor spoilers—”creepy stalker” and the “she/he’s right but nobody thinks she/he is” beggarly route. It also drags like a bitch, but it’s conclusion was something worthwhile to ponder on and stacks to the film’s overarching memo. Plus, the pictorial scenery still appeared quite pretty, so it wasn’t difficult maintaining my eyes upon the screen. 

Unsane—for a majority of its runtime—accursedly played with the audiences psyche simialir to how society accursedly plays with the psyche of those we deem “sick”. I was not anticipating such a mesmerizing thriller that almost (!!!) lived up to the promising tale it was trying to wax into. (Verdict: B) 

Also, sidenote: Don’t go into Unsane thinking that it is a horror movie. I think expectations have been charted off within mountains of viewers, ultimately causing them to NOT be in favor of this flick due to this hammering mindset. Try to perceive Unsane as a provocative thriller or even just a psychological drama when you’re walking into it. 

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