Quickie: Dr. No (1962)

Improbable poker games, dainty gadgets, inordinately outdated car chases, repetitive utilizations of the same shots, deadly spiders, nobly kickass dialogue, naive characters who find tanks to look like Dragons (???), easily avoidable deaths, GORGEOUSLY festooned underground layers (I mean c’mon, these evil antagonists have class!!!), a main Chinese villain who turns out not to really be Chinese, and featuring America’s…um…I mean…Europe’s favorite secret agent, man-hoe, James Bond, Eon Productions presents: Dr. No. (Verdict: B+)

Drink every time James Bond puts on his suit jacket and every time he takes off his suit jacket. Have fun.  

This Movie Is A Part Of My List: Ranking The James Bond 007 Films From Best To Worst

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