Aquaman: A Superhero Flick Placed in a Sea of Fun Nuttiness

James Wan’s Directing: YAY! 
Beall and McGoldrick’s Writing: NAY

W-T-F. I don’t believe it’s materially doable for me to scheme into words how carelessly ludicrous Aquaman is. I can’t declare if I positively cherished the campiness and nuttiness of this movie, or if I positively despised it. Warner Bros have blown their 200-million-dollar budget on something ferociously miraculous, but also, something terribly disposable.  

In simple terms, Aquaman was acutely run-of-the-mill for me because, all though, Wan’s supervision of the action (yes to those one-take shots!) and furthermore, the numerous of filmmakers’ tackling of the graphics flowed lavishly, the writing and dialogue, nonetheless, ignominiously sinks to the bottom-ground. Soooo, I suppose I’ll meet in the middle with this encapsulation and proclaim that this lunacy of a production—that is Aquaman—is, all in all, mediocre?

Aquaman is testosterone fueled mania suffocated with oceans of shirtless men shrieking their heads off while mounting gigantic fishes. If that’s what you like in your movies, I recommend trekking alongside this motion picture, but if you’re seeking out a superhero flick with sagacity and dandy quality, turn the other way. I’ll grant it this though, it’s rigorously an improvement from Justice Leauge and Suicide Squad. And, hey, I’ll even tally extra points for the Halo jumpsuits and the hardcore, drumming Octopus. (Verdict: C) 

Black Manta constructing his suit to a motivational, montage tune has got to be this year’s most laugh-out-loud highlight.

This movie missed the biggest opportunity to play Ocean Man when the credits began to role. Smh. 

Also Pitbull covers Toto’s Africa in this movie… 

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