7 Reasons Why From Russia With Love (1963) is One of the Best James Bond Movies

Quicknotes: From Russia With Love

• All aspects are straight-up an improvement from Dr. No.
• 2nd best opening sequence in Bond history. It assuredly assembles the pristine, fresh, new spirit the film is pursuing to incarcerate.
• One of the brightest Bond opening credits of all-time. The color pallet is unprecedented.
• The serious tone forges the superior Bond storylines. Expanding on the resourcefulness of its predecessor but also abandoning the goofiness of its climate was a canny decision. This solidified the 007 films as less of a joke and more of a masterclass of espionage/action/mystery filmmaking.
• James VS Grant is bound to be a Top 3 moment in the history of the franchise—or what I have examined of it so far.
• From Russia With Love is essentially the “full-priced” version of Mendes’s Spectre.
• You will be fairly embarrassed when you don’t recognize Robert Shaw as the blonde antagonist once you’ve IMDbed the cast. 

Wasn’t expecting the second seed in the franchise to be a straight-up chef-d’œuvre. I am now, officially, unbelievably psyched to witness Goldfinger. (Verdict: A)

This Movie Is A Part Of My List: Ranking The James Bond 007 Films From Best To Worst

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