Assassination Nation and Its Glorified Tactics

Assassination Nation may be 2018’s “boldest” movie, but it’s also 2018’s most rigorously exaggerated to the fictitious core of glorification—that thinks it’s SO much more sharp-witted than it actually is—movie. Yes, it ushers up its messages QUITE CLEARLY—might I add, to the point of unalloyed obviousness—but the killing ingredient that flunks Sam Levinson’s vision is it’s sweepingly pea-brained script. 

The saving graces that heartily kept this film moderately piquant was the creditably eccentric directing and editing tactics. Moreover, the social awareness and generational traumas it shepherds among us are vastly crucial to consider for our future, but are handled in such excessively dramatized methods that it’s arduous to latch onto or take any of it thoughtfully. Definitively, Assasination Nation is a bloodbath of derranged madness that doesn’t necessarily justify most of its actions. (Verdict: C) 

Assassination Nation features the most “extra” during-the-credits sequence of all-time. Woot? 

A Part Of My 2018 Catch-Up Marathon Leading Up To My Top 20 Films Of 2018 

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