The Accountant (2016) The Beginning of Something Potentially Grander

So…The Accountant is essentially, The Bourne Identity—minus that dude who says “How do you like them apples” as the lead—meets a grisly metamorphosis of a Superhero origin movie—in ferocious desperation for DC’s approval—saddled off with one of Ben Affleck’s most imposing performances as an autistic, combat warrior anti-hero/villain? Sweet. 

Don’t know if the characters Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick playing Anna Kendrick) or Marybeth Medina (Ms. random FBI agent nobody) were required, or if the universal plot was even fully there—let alone stable—in the first place, but the underground lore of what The Accountant envisions keeps it adequate enough. I think this premise and this eye-openingly intriguing character known as, Christian Wolff, has more potential in a more feasible, transformative sequel—maybe even franchise (if they don’t gazump up that sequel I’m crossing my fingers for!!!). That aside, this singular on its own thrives as each act progressively becomes more tempting than the last, building and building until it roars off with an uncommonly quick, yet, white-knuckled finale that hatches sternly unprecedented results. 

Once again, I must reiterate. Let’s have ourselves a sequel to The Accountant (and a formidable one at that). Please. (Verdict: C+)

“The Accountant” is now available to rent and download on Vudu, YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes.

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