Child’s Play (1988): The Birth of an Unusual Slasher Icon

Welcome to the beginning of my Child’s Play series of reviews! We’re starting off with Tom Holland’s cult horror classic: Child’s Play. Hi-de-ho! 

Child’s Play is a rambunctious horror flick that’s saturated to the brim with bizzaro coatings of sadistical and dexterously flavorful gallows humor. Similar to how The Evil Dead nearly redefined the horror genre through its utilizations of subtle dark comedy, Child’s Play annexes onto that train of sinisterness with its iconically blood-curdling yet, comical, plastic and porcelain antagonist, Chucky, voiced sensationally by the underrated Brad Dourif. Sure, a good loaf of the movie is outdated and the writing can be preposterous at times but, I don’t know what more you could’ve hoped for in an 80s slasher semi-parody that’s word for word about a killer, toy doll. 

Child’s Play spotlights astonishingly stellar performances from both the child actor, Alex Vincent, and the mother, Catherine Hicks, each careening in on a scenario of blame and delusion when people begin suspecting the insanity of them when something questionably unimaginable begins to emerge. 

Quicknote but, the puppeteering and animatronics are supremely impressive and for the most part, methodical. Also, the score—while elementary—dabbles with its duck-soup-like beats in a blisteringly fruitful manner, chiefly within the film’s opening shootout.

Child’s Play is a horror genre freak-out that could’ve been a lot lamer than its story-lines may had inclined you to anticipate. You can genuinely tell here that the filmmakers sympathetically wanted to forge something unusually intoxicating. (Verdict: B) 

One Word: Overkill

Click Here To Watch The Highlight Scene Of Child’s Play 

This Movie Is (Soon To Be) A Part Of My List: Ranking The Child’s Play Films From Best To Worst

Child’s Play is available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, and Starz

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