Velvet Buzzsaw is a Mixed Bag of Screwball Horror and Tricky Satire

Ummmm…Velvet Buzzsaw is…something? Within this screwball of a horror/satire curio, the unorthodoxly juicy premise and the stupendously elite cast manages to jostle over most of the film’s disadvantaged story elements. 

It’s congenial to notice that Dan Gilroy is trying out all sorts of genres within the confines of his writing and directing. Taking on a radiant approach to the splishes and splashes of a retaliating formula, he enables himself to encompass an artifact divergent to anything else. Gilroy also, regulates a zany script about the utmost stereotyped high-class “artists” and “critics” that act as if they are in a theatrical Shakespearean drama throughout their everyday lives—which I found to be a rewarding creative decision.

Where Velvet Buzzsaw undeniably melts, however, is in its anguish of harmonizing its mashing genres, the clashing of way too many rudimentary character-based affairs, and it’s lack to persuade a yearning for justification. The film tries to juggle themes of greed, self-obsession, and noxious compulsions through elucidation or scares but, never knows how to fetch them out within in an absorbing or unrepeatable occupancy. The movie critically, just marches over one kill after the other—each accommodating guilty, amplified dementias assembled for the horror-fanatics to devour—while offering no incorporations to the presented story’s progress. 

Velvet Buzzsaw somehow arises to be unthinkably original yet, ferociously predictable in its catastrophically mundane results. However, at first glance, I was going to permit this movie with a much lower score but, with some thought and time emplaced, I kind of now, idolize the heck out of how culty and extraterrestrial this commodity turned out to be. Paint it as what you want, it’s still “art“, nonetheless. Very, very conflicting art. Voilà! (Verdict: C+)

The whole quip with Natalia Dyer’s character is ridiculously funny yet, ridiculously out of left field. In fact, much of this film is out of left field. So in a way, is it technically not out of left field since its commonly out of left field? Who knows? Either, take it as a cross to bear or a celestial blessing. 

Velvet Buzzsaw is the best movie title I’ve seen in a while though. No joke. 

Three Words: Bi-Curious Jake Gyllenhaal

“Velvet Buzzsaw” is now streaming on Netflix.

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