Quickie: Stand By Me (1986)

Stand By Me is the tale of four token young lads: The token slick leader, the token normal but, conflicted one, the token weird, kooky one, and the token chubby, wussy one. 

Within their venture, these hardy pals come across token future-self narration, a token savage dog that turns out not to be savage after all, token high school bullies, a token small town, token tomfoolery, token unbridled roasting, token campfire stories, token daddy issues, token near-death experiences that are played for thrills, token moments of sentimentality between the buds, and a token windup that’s intended to get you riled up with tears. 

Wait. I’ve just been informed that this story is the origin of all these token(s). Subtract the “token”(s) I wrote, I suppose. (Verdict: B-)

😢River Phoenix🤧

“Stand By Me” is now available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Starz


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