Cold Pursuit: A Dark and Taunting Surprise

Cold Pursuit is a dark-edged, satirical revenge-flick that recollects—in an eldritch mash-up sort-of approach—the writing MOs of both Martin McDonagh and the Coen Brothers. All though, it does take quite some time—I’d reckon about thirty to forty-five minutes in—to get serviceably invested in its display, once you calibrate into the gist of it all, it becomes a chortling flurry of quippy chatter, gratifying carnage, and husky shipments of pathos. 

Cold Pursuit is a self-aware, keenly improbable “vengeance/battle of the cartels spoof”. It’s definitely one of the best entries in the unofficial, Liam Neeson searches for the men who killed/kidnapped his wife/daughter/son/paycheck saga. I can’t wait to see what writer Frank Baldwin does next (even though he ostensibly copy and pasted the original’s script). This is somehow his first writing credit! (Verdict: B-)

Now whatever you think about Liam Neeson and his recent load of controversy, I genuinely believe it shouldn’t affect how you should perceive Cold Pursuit as a film. Your opinion on an actor as a person should not affect how you deduce a film. A fictional character/the performance and the actual person. Those are two different constructs. Facts. You can hate him all you want for what he said but, you should still go into and rate this movie fairly if you have the urge to see it. Hundreds of other hardworking men and women worked on this project too, ya’know? 

I’m still a little confused about why the director decided to remake his own movie. I mean, I guess it is the 21st Century so, who am I to judge?

“Cold Pursuit” is now playing in theaters. 

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