Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War is a Ravishing Black and White Romance

Cold War is a high-handed tour de force of filmmaking courtesy pizzazz that in the final analysis, thrives due to its pristine inclusions of comforting original music, compulsive cinematography, stellar performances, and sincere dialogue. 

In spite of these stainless insertions, Cold War didn’t “to the hilt” secure my heart considering how hollow I found the bulk of the story to be. Some may find its unadorned, cliché romantic efforts to mark the beauty of the film but personally, I found it to be quite fainéant. Fortunately, the conclusion of the movie takes a courageous and lionhearted route that at long last, redeemed the presumed lacklusterness of the previous acts’ schemes. 

Cold War is a seductive yet, melancholy viewpoint on the state of being malignantly lovesick. Pawel Pawlikowski has reinvented the cut-and-dried love story with a fresh, passionate, power-seasoned zing to it. (Verdict: B)

Joanna Kulig is Jennifer Lawrence’s long-lost Polish sister.

I will surely be downloading the soundtrack to Cold War, thank-you-very-much.

“Cold War” is now playing in theaters.

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