Child’s Play 2: Your Basic By-the-Numbers Horror Sequel

There’s not much that can be spoken about Child’s Play 2. It shadows the trendy “eh”ness of the horror sequel curse like most franchises engrave upon. In consideration of the foregoing, however, it’s regardless, featherbrained and tolerably-made enough to allow viewers to pull through its runtime. The finale additionally, is so berzerk that it’s hard not to at least come out with some contentedness beheld from this bland follow-up. (Verdict: C-) 

I think Chucky’s secondary plan/goal to make Andy look like a psycho to society isn’t a very sharp idea. I mean, if he does eventually manage to possess Andy’s body, I don’t think he would want to suffer the consequences of being deemed a mentally insane, suspected murderer at the age of eight. Juvenile Prison, I would assume, isn’t ideal. 

Oh, and Kyle is a decent addition to the franchise, I guess.

Click Here To Watch The Highlight Scene Of Child’s Play 2

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Child’s Play 2″ is available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

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