Blue Valentine (2010): The Most Realistically Portrayed Love Story of All-Time

You’re damn right I saw this depressing, go-to currently single person’s movie on Valentines Day!

Derek Cianfrance—an underrated big fish of a director + writer swimming in a vast pool of oversold, featureless present-decade creators—furnishes us with the most down-to-earth romantic allegory ever concocted. Blue Valentine is a lugubrious insight into the likelihood of safeguarding love, and the speculations that are emanated from it that may or may not—but most likely may—become lethal in its never-ending strain of dreariness. 

Cianfrance’s unequivocal gift in refining amateur story chronologies—a talent also exemplified in his abundantly underappreciated knockout, The Place Beyond The Pines—allows the film to voyage back and forth from two opposing time orbits within seasonable perfections. Cianfrance has a knack for directing tonally unswerving patterns while sweating out astonishingly sensible performances from both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. (Verdict: B+) 

Every lady in the world deserves a man like Ryan Gosling.

“Blue Valentine” is now available to rent and buy on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Netflix. 

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