Quickie: Blackfish (2013)

F*** SeaWorld.

I’ve grown content ever since I stopped going to and stopped supporting the insensitive endeavors of SeaWorld after watching the overwhelmingly stirring documentary, The Cove, which uncovered the dolphin captivities and genocides that often occurred in Japan which were mainly conducted to gain illegal food goods and sales to big business amusement park companies like SeaWorld.

Blackfish is another stirringly formulated transmission that makes me so aggravated that sick individuals, like the administrators of the SeaWorld corporation, got scot free with tormenting and essentially murdering living creatures that are nearly—from a scientifically proven emotional and intellectual spectrum—just as, if not, as vital as human beings.

Blackfish doesn’t just elucidate how Orcas got screwed over in the equation, it also shows how humans—innocent ones including fairly young trainers—got screwed over in the equation as well. Anyone who at least has a compassionate heart that witnesses this or The Cove, will undoubtedly cease assisting SeaWorld in their barbaric methods to profit from the suffering of others.

Verdict: B

Admittedly, it is strenuous to watch Blackfish—there is some grimly gruesome imagery in it—so keep that in mind. But then again, sometimes you need that uncensored dread to mold across a certain message in your brain.

“Blackfish” is now available to rent and buy on Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, and Netflix.

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