Yeah, Captain Marvel is Unfortunately Not That Good

Isn’t it just sad that in this day in age of society, I am obliging myself out of fear to preference this review by saying: “None of the political justice pursuits (minded by the political-based supporters) or inclining controversies (minded by the political-based haters) of Captain Marvel from either side of the spectrum will affect my opinion of the movie.” I am judging this movie—like a rationale person would do—as a movie. Not the political circumstances surrounding the movie. The movie. Now, let’s begin the review.

Captain Marvel is a narrative mess from the moment it starts (of course when I refer to the “start” I mean once the film tackles after that glorious MARVEL logo intro) and to many fans’ surmise this is principally due to how impulsively meteoric the construction of the film’s story plays out. Speaking of meteoric, those who shot the action must be Lars von Trier addicts because they are zooming in and out and shaking the camera like they’re on cocaine or somethin’ and I kid you not, I could barely wrap my head around what was going on half of the time these parades transpired. Also, woefully, despite Brie Larson having proved herself to be quite the star, her performance, but predominantly her character, emerges as this stale, artificial physique. I don’t blame her entirely though, it’s most likely those who wrote her lines and directed the movie who should be faulted at hand for making Larson’s portrayal as Carol Danvers so stiff and awkward.

But let me be clear, Captain Marvel is by no means a “bad” movie. There are tons of distinctive traits to like about it. Some examples include Samuel Jackson’s revamp of a young Nick Fury, surprisingly the introduction to the alien race, the Skrulls, and all that glorious, throwback 90s nostalgia music references (Nine Inch Nails, No Doubt, Nirvana, etc.). YES PLEASE.

Trust me, it gets progressively better as it hauls along but at the end of the day, Captain Marvel is just another soulless, muddled comic-book adapted movie. If you’re a die-hard fanboy who doesn’t care for objectively decent-quality content and only wants to seek out filler for Avengers: Endgame and a by-the-numbers superhero-flick, you’ll surely love this. But, if you’re someone who actually cares if a movie offers cohesive, worthwhile elements that ultimately lead to a purpose other than cushion for a movie that’s literally coming out in a month, I’d give Captain Marvel a light pass.

Verdict: C-

This Movie is a Part of My List: Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe From Best to Worst

“Captain Marvel” is now playing in theaters.


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