Us is Momentous Proof That Jordan Peele Isn’t a One-Hit Wonder in the Horror Department

Oscar-winning comedic and freshly declared horror director Jordan Peele, endows his patriotic followers with his highly anticipated thriller Us: an allegory that accompanies the account of the tormenting of doppelgängers upon a buoyant, middle-class family struggling to bypass their inner-demons. In Peele’s latest attempt to win over audiences of the genre, he gloats audacious twist and turns revolting around a parallel, underground, modern nation that will doubtlessly perplex the contemporary American public—and for a more than coincidental and ironic reason.

Peele and his filmmaking comrades have nearly switched gears in practically every angle from his freshman output indicatively exhibited in the film’s upgrade in directing, cinematography, costume design, score (HOLY SMOKES THE SCORE), and visual aesthetics. And yes, the advancement in acting through some uncomfortably eerie staging from its performers magnifies this claim as well. And, the hype for Lupita Nyong’o is REAL—her subtle movements and accents are key. In spite of these “adjustments”, Peele still maintains that special characteristic that made Get Out stand out from the others: the clever, sly insertion of social commentary. This is a recklessly daring horror flick that’s guaranteed to stick in audiences’ heads days, weeks, and maybe even months after its schemes govern to an end.

At first—especially for most catered audiences—a lot of the incidents and character actions/decisions/reactions will appear to be weird and unnatural until Peele’s deviant and far from synthetic motto comes full-circle. I have so many theories behind the meaning of Us and honestly, if I do see this one again in theaters soon—which is likely—I’ll do an analyzed spoiler review of this brutish treat.

Get Out might be the “objectively” better movie, but Us is my kind of horror movie: highly confusing, a tad bit pretentious, and jaw-droppingly cruel—principally within its ambiguous exploration of humanity’s current tragedy.

Verdict: B+

If you want to know my essential thoughts of what Us means, just think of some of the key messages behind Childish Gambino’s This is America, and the comic book Watchmen. I’m not tellin’ you which key messages though.

Also, there’s no flippin’ way that I’m going to be ready for hundreds of families on my street to be dressing up like the Us doppelgängers. Uh-uh, no sirree. ✂️✂️✂️✂

“Us” is now playing in theaters. 

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