Spring Breakers (2012): Harmony Korine’s Controversial Experiment

Spring Breakers is a quirky piece of experimental filmmaking that executes its exploits through a perspective that feels sustained under intoxicated circumstances. Distinctive director, Harmony Korine, utilizes peculiar L/J-cuts, glossy, ultraviolet visuals, and a muddled, unwinded narrative to signify these vibes. Korine’s sensual stunt is perhaps, vacant of a clear story, but more so an exemplar in sermonizing a moral. Maybe, this odd technical choice is the very basis for why I wasn’t candidly invested in this excessively expressive canvas.

Aside from my personal stance on Spring Breakers, I do nonetheless believe that this psychedelic allegory does somewhat prosper due to the lion’s share of ferocious performances—even from Hudgens! Unfortunately, its dazed, heavy-eyed presentation left a void taste in my mouth by the end. However, I do appreciate the whole oversaturated memo about how “we ain’t s***” and the importance of supporting the individual’s dying urgency to “YOLO”.

And I suppose, watching James Franco deepthroat a handgun is another reason to hold Spring Breakers in a *cough, cough* high regard. Its bulletproof absurdity is, in some cases, commendable.

Verdict: B-

Is it just me or does Franco kind of sound like a hustler version of Forrest Gump in this whenever he’s lecturing the audience about life and s***?


“LOOK AT MY S***!”

“Spring Breakers” is now available to rent and buy on Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and Netflix. 

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