Quick-Thoughts: The Beach Bum (2019)

Matthew McConaughey plays an absurdist, poetry-writing stoner named Moondog, who travels the stream of life’s greatest attributes in Harmony Korine’s latest handout to the world of drug and sex-infused cinema, The Beach Bum. This is a film that through some frankly genius dialogue and persistent performances, filters the screen with a nonchalant vibe that victoriously sketches its feel-good climate. Korine has created an unusual comedy—a statement that could easily be verified in one particular scene involving “sharks” that had me dying of turbulent laughter—that should please fans of Korine’s traditional style and maybe even some newcomers to his suspicious material.

The Beach Bum is a movie that’s most likely going to polarize the majority, but for those who understand that this planet is one we must live only to its fullest, those who affiliate optimism with all surrounding properties, and those who are the free spirit, nonconformists of the world like myself, will certainly digest the sparkling awesomeness of this picture. The Beach Bum is far from a perfect “movie”, but it might just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

Verdict: B

Sacha Baron Cohen is one lucky man.

“The Beach Bum” is now playing in theaters.

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